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Music and Lyrics:

Dominik Vladulovič (vocals, electric guitar, E-Bow, snare drum)


Music and Arrangement:

Sanish Jain (drums)

Jaya Story (keys, snare drum)

Sara Wazani (electric guitar)

Lyle Whitfield (bass guitar)



Ewen Music Studio



Sanish Jain

Jaya Story

Dominik Vladulovič



Sanish Jain

Music Video:

Manav Arora, Vanorama Productions

The Brahmankind

Born colourblind kid,

Felt it so deep

Didn’t see the value of things

Just mother’s tears

They put him in jail

To teach him to fear

He didn’t get that,

He kept dreaming


Time pressure sold him

On parts for good, system engine,

They pushed him to the corner,

Then they caught him, quietly crying

He asked his mother "What’s wrong with me?”

She said “don’t cry babe, you need briefing”


What they said,

Brang him down,

What he thought,

Helped him out

Doesn’t know what to say

Doesn’t know who’s to blame


He remembers things,

Broken old toys, ice cream on streets

Friends who didn’t like him

Smashed him to his shaken belly

While catching his breath he walked down the street

Came home, quietly said, "school was easy"....

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